Hello!  Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, it became popular for folks to travel and then invite their neighbors, friends, and colleagues to enjoy a night of hors d’oeurves and wine as they viewed a slide show of the family trip to Florida or Hawaii or New York.  Well….I invite you to the 21st century version of that slide show dinner party!

I love to travel, history, photography and writing.  I’ve found a way to combine all of them in this travel and photographic travel blog.  As you peruse the site, I hope that you enjoy the photos and learn a little bit of history along the way.  If you have any comments, experiences, or have any additional information to contribute, please comment away and I will add it to the blog.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy traveling!

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Shannon I saw ur profile on pof and I was intrigued by ur vibe and what u do , I’m also a vlogger I just started doing it recently . Im a recording artist, tattoo artist, and barber with a associates degree in business. I’m in Lafayette Indiana, but I’m from Chicago. I was just at tops and dolls on new years . I saw u mention it on ur POF page. I look forward to meeting u , I really like ur vibe and energy . I was curious to come see ur work on here. Maybe we can link up and u can teach me a few tips that may help me do what I’m trying to do. Hope to hear back feom u soon. Take care love 😘


  2. Following. The first page I read was regarding Eugenics. I became interested in the subject after meeting Corrie Ten Boom in grade school. She shared some of the stories from experiments at concentration camps. That led me to the horrors and atrocities that have been committed in the US as experiments… Social and scientific. Fascinating, awful and frightening. I was unaware of the backstory of the prisons.


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