The “Sausage Ghost” of Ursuline Avenue

This short block of Ursaline Avenue, located between Royal and Bourbon Streets is said to be haunted by “The Sausage Ghost’, with 4 murders taking place between 3 homes all within 4 houses apart. It started with Hans Mueller in the 1800’s, with the second murder in the 1920’s and the last murder in 2002. All three murderers were either butchers or worked in the meat/deli industry and all claim to have seen a mysterious spirit or figure who told them to commit the murders.

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The French Market Inn

he building is once again a successful inn known as The French Market Inn. Its rooms still contain remnants of its past, with exposed brick walls and rusted metal hooks and exposed iron beams. Guests report hearing the cranking of metal and chains…almost as if a ghostly pulley system is transferring goods and supplies from the third floor to the bakery down below. Guests have also heard voices and footsteps outside of rooms, and when doors are opened, are greeted to a strange mist or by an empty hallway. The most eerie guest complaint was the report of bloody handprints being found in the room.

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Haunted New Orleans

  Place d’Armes Hotel The Return of Students Location of The Capuchin School in New Orleans, the First School in Louisiana The Place d’Armes Hotel, located on St. Anne Street in the French Quarter, was the location of the first school established in French Colonial Louisiana. Established in 1725 by Father Raphael de Luxembourg, the school […]

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