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Rummel Motel

1809 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV

Built in 1945 by Marvin Rummel, the Rummel Hotel is situated just north of The Strip, near the Stratosphere. In 1958, it was purchased by Ralph and Treva Roles. Ralph and Treva met in 1952 and married in the Little Church of the West. When Rummel was looking for someone to take over the Rummel Motel, he courted and convinced Roles to leave his family’s motels and take over the Rummel Motel. The Roles ran the motel until the late 1970’s.

Since dozens of motels were beginning to pop up along Highway 91, the Roles needed to differentiate The Rummel Motel from the others. To do this, they began passing out “fun books” to their guests, who could take the coupons to the casinos on The Strip and exchange them for food, nickel slots and souvenirs. The Roles also installed a heated outdoor pool, providing an opportunity for guests to be able to swim year round.

Currently, the motel is under renovation. It sustained mild damaged in a fire in April, 2017.

Interesting trivia about the Roles. They met while on a trip to Mount Charles in 1952 and were married a few months later at the Little Church of the West (one of the oldest still active wedding chapels in Vegas). The Roles were no strangers to either Vegas or the motel business. Treva’s family moved to the Vegas area in the 1940’s and owned the Del Mar Motel, while Ralph’s family owned and operated the Fair Price. Ralph Roles was a professional bowler, forming the Southern Nevada Bowler’s Association.


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