Though these lights have dimmed, they have stories to tell.  The signs, with their fading color and missing lights, were witnesses to some of the city’s interesting characters and events who have made Vegas what it is.  From the first cafe to infamous gamblers to the fight for civil rights…read on to experience Vegas through these neon signs.

Note on these photos: These photos were taken at the Neon Museum and Boneyard, and around Las Vegas, as there is a push to restore and place many of these neon signs as art around the city.  The Neon Museum contains over 200 retired signs from the Las Vegas area.  Efforts are being made to restore the signs from the more popular or interesting signs.  In Vegas, two companies are primarily responsible for the creation of the neon signs, and these companies rent the signs to the casinos and companies.  When a sign is retired, it is brought to this boneyard (it gets its name because the signs are stripped of the neon so it can be re-used on other signs…thus, the signs are stripped to the bone).  The Neon Museum is open to the public.  For more information, please visit their website: The Neon Museum


Moulin Rouge – The End of Segregation in Vegas

The Stardust – The Brightest Stars (and Criminals) on the Strip


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