Glenn Schmidt’s Playorium




The Newport Syndicate and Gangsters Dueling Piano Bar

15 E, 5th Street, Newport, KY


Today, the colorful pink single story building with an art deco style façade is the home to The Newport Syndicate and Gangsters Dueling Piano Bar, a classy wedding/event banquet hall and piano bar.  Its playful exterior and interior pays tribute to a much darker and violent time in the history of the building and the city.


Back in 1951, a notorious gangster, Glenn Schmidt, opene the doors to the Playorium.  Upstairs, it was a cocktail bar/lounge, restaurant and bowling alley.  The basement housed a casino and gambling hall.  When The Cleveland Four Syndicate turned its eyes toward Schmidt’s establishment, he moved the casino into the building next door and renamed it Snax Bar and connected the two buidlings with a tunnel.  The Playorium was raided in 1959 by Federal agents following up with a tip from an anonymous person reporting illegal gambling (the anonymous tip allegedly came from someone within The Cleveland Four) and the Playorium was closed down.


The property was purchased and fully renovated in 1995.


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