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Located in the heart of the historic East Row district of Newport, this small stretch of 6th Street was nicknamed “Physician’s Row” because of the number of physician’s offices located on the street.  It was originally named Jefferson Street, after Thomas Jefferson. It was designated a local historical site in 2015.


17 East 6th Street

Built in 1866, the building was home to the medical practices (first floor) and home to the Herman and Schrorer families.  After 100 years, this plain yellow bricked home is still a physician’s office and has remained in the hands of the Schrorer family.  In 1914, Dr. Ed Herman selected this location for his family practice.  In 1948, he was joined by his nephew, J.A. Schrorer.  Herman practiced in this location until 1955 when he retired to a farm outside of Newport.  Schrorer moved his young family into the second story apartments until he retired, closing the practice on the first floor.  Today, the house is once again a physician’s office, with the sons of J.A. Schrorer at the helm.


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